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On 11/12/05, Anthony DeRobertis <anthony@derobert.net> wrote:
> Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> > Even on a fileserver it is becoming hard to have your network link
> > outperform your disk IO unless you have a very good gigabit or better
> > network link.  Any single modern disk can saturate a 100Mbit link.

> This is not always true. If you have a lot of seeks (e.g., because
> people are accessing hundreds of large files simultaneously) disks start
> to become a bottleneck.

In that case you really should be distributing your data over more
places.  For my networks, I perfer to use NA Storage to keep most of
the I/O load off the CPU - plus I can then have many servers point to
one drive without big hairy networking problems.

Do I have a network like this?  No... but that's the network I'm about
to build for my devgroup.  So, all that I just said is in theory -
feel free to let the heavy hammer of experience drop straight down on
me, since I probably need it.

Oh, and this thread is - by now - officially Off-Topic.  If someone
really doesn't like all this OT traffic, tell me to shut up and I
will.  But until then I'm assuming that no-one really minds this
*that* much.

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