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Re: How to install nvidia driver


I did not read any of the refered pages yet. I did not know why I should.
Right now I am using an GeForce 6600LE powered PCI-X card with the NVidia drivers.
Sure, it could be more comfortable or their license could be better,
but they are running quite nice.

I did it this way:
- got a new kernel source (2.6.14) from kernel.org
- compiled & installed it
- got the self-extracting / installer archive from nvidia.com
- started it
- looked for the points where it installed it's content
- copied all the contents of the various lib64 directories to the equivalent lib directories
- removed the lib64 directories
- sym-linked the lib64 to the lib directories
- created a nice dual - headed xorg.conf
- typed startx and had fun.

Where should be any problem? Did I miss anything?



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