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On Thu, 2005-11-10 at 11:30 -0800, lordSauron wrote:
> So in more clear and less confused words, does RAID 1 really share the
> advantages in speed of RAID 0?  I'm just a little skeptical, and I'd

No, RAID0 (Striping) can write in parallel half of the data on each disk
where as the read must get all the correct blocks.
On RAID1 (mirroring), you write the the data compoletely on each disk
and read from only one of both.

But with RAID1 you can loose one disk and use the filesystem without any
break where the death of one disk on RAID 0 renders the filesystem
unusable and thus dead.

> like to know if there's any testimonies of people that have actually
> had the chance to find out.

The performance is usually irrelevant for the decision of RAID1 vs

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