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amd64 + wine in chroot


i am using an ia32-chroot for starting wine.
Some Windows programs are working, for example the Ultima-Online sphereServer, but if I try to run Ultima Online, I get an error message from the Ultima client.exe
Out of memory
There ist not enough memory to continue execution. ...
I installed the chroot to an additional partition, so I can boot into the 32-bit environment. If I do so, the Ultima client works well with wine, even if I use the same wine configuration.
So I suppose, my setup of the chroot environment is invalid.

I am using the following lines in my fstab to mount the partition and bind the directories I need in both (AMD64 and IA32) environments:

/dev/sda7       /mnt/sda7       ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       1

#x86 32 chroot
/home           /mnt/sda7/home  none    bind            0       0
/tmp            /mnt/sda7/tmp   none    bind            0       0
/dev            /mnt/sda7/dev   none    bind            0       0
/mnt            /mnt/sda7/mnt   none    bind            0       0
/sys            /mnt/sda7/sys   none    bind            0       0
/proc           /mnt/sda7/proc  none    bind            0       0



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