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RE: can't mount raid 5 after installation

Hey Guys,
I am having a similar problem and not having much luck getting it to work either. I followed through the suggestions listed previous and am not getting anywhere.
This is where I am at. I did a install with the 2.6 kernel on a system with a 60 gig drive (/dev/hda) set as my root and swap. I have 4 120 gig drives set up in a RAID5 (/dev/hde, /dev/hdg, /dev/hdi, /dev/hdk). I had the same problem where I would get it set up, and it would fail on reboot.
I just tried the dpgk-reconfigure mdadm, and it failed saying that it could only find hde and hdg! So I looked, Debian is seeing all the drives (/proc/ide). All of the drives are listed as being setup for RAID. The /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf have been setup as demonstrated earlier in the thread. If I try to mount the drives as individual drives, it has no problems whatsoever. Just doesn't like to see them when I set them up as RAID5.
I have been going slightly insane these past few days trying to figure out why it can see all the drives but will not when I try to mount it as RAID5. I am not certain what to do next...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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