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Re: amd64 + wine in chroot

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Christoph Fassbach wrote:

#x86 32 chroot
/home           /mnt/sda7/home  none    bind            0       0
/tmp            /mnt/sda7/tmp   none    bind            0       0
/dev            /mnt/sda7/dev   none    bind            0       0
/mnt            /mnt/sda7/mnt   none    bind            0       0
/sys            /mnt/sda7/sys   none    bind            0       0
/proc           /mnt/sda7/proc  none    bind            0       0

try bind-mounting also /var/tmp, /dev/shm and /dev/pts (just as a guess,
probably /dev/shm may be what you need). In general, try to produce a strace
in the chroot and another one in the "real" 32 bit system, using exactly the
same options, then compare them. If you wish, you might make available to
people on the list (please, don't attach them since they will probably be
quite large, just post an URL for interested people to download them!).



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