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Re: 32bit emu packs

v0n0 wrote:
> Hi, I've "repacked" some 32bit libraries for Debian amd64 system, and
> Skype and Wine. Skype is running fine, Wine executes, but gives (me)
> error on some folders. These are very experimental, but since they don't
> mess system, you may want to give it a try! ;)
> More infos at:
> http://v0n0.altervista.org/
> PS: we all thank Goswin and others for working on Multiarch!!! (my work
> isn't even a shadow of it...)

Ubuntu has already done Oo.o2. Any chance it would work if you just put
their Oo.o and dependancies into your repository. I've been hoping
someone would do that. Then you can take advantage of any bugfixes the make.

--Ken Bloom

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