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Re: "m-a" vs "make-kpkg"

> On the other hand I have NEVER used a + in the append-to-version and I
> am not sure it is even supposed to be allowed, it certainly is
> discouraged to use + in the version or packagename in general.  I always
> just have the append-to-version use dashes between things.

>From make-kpkg man page:

 [...] it  may contain only lowercase alphanumerics and the characters
 - + . (full stop, hyphen, and plus).
> [...] Often I actually just edit the makefile to add what I want
> appended, so I won't forget it when building with make-kpkg.

That's it then; here the Makefile begins with:

EXTRAVERSION = -vs2.1.0-rc5

No trace of the value given to "--append-to-version": make-kpkg does
*not* add it there (but nevertheless includes it in the package...).
[I really can't blame m-a for not taking into account something that's
not there.  But a useful addition (?) might be for m-a to recognize the
same "--append-to-version" option as make-kpkg and act accordingly.]


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