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Re: nvidia 7174 + 2.6.12 kernel problem (sid)

apparently the source debs are in the mirrors now

nevertheless, check out

youll need to add the source deb lines,
then apt source the nvidia-graphics-drivers

then dpkg-buildpackage
install them all
then go m-a the kernel module as before

i can give you more detailed instructions if
you would like.

alas there is no amd64 wiki so i cant just wack
this stuff up. and the amd64 howto is getting painfully
out of date.


Grahame White wrote:
On Saturday 05 November 2005 21:10, Dean Hamstead wrote:

try the 1.0-7676 driver


Grahame White wrote:

On Saturday 05 November 2005 20:21, Dean Hamstead wrote:

try drviver as 'nvidia' not 'nv'

Sorry my mistake. I did try it as nvidia but I cut and paste the
previous email after I'd changed it back to nv to get a working gui.

So no nvidia didn't work


Looking back a bit I see you were asking about a clean way to install the newer drivers. I couldn't, however, find any reply. How did you install them in the end?


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