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Re: Software RAID, LVM, and LILO on amd64 sarge

To continue this thread a bit, I'm curious whether the current state of boot loaders for Debian under amd64 is such that it is theoretically possible to configure LVM on software RAID on a multi- disk system without needing an isolated un-RAIDed /boot partition on one of the disks.

I have a two-disk system. I'd like to create two RAID1s for this system. One of the RAID1s would exist across a /boot partition with the bootable flag set on each disk. This would be fairly small (100 MB or less). Then, I would have another RAID1 on both disks using the remainder of the disk space, and each of these would be a physical volume for LVM. When I've tried this, I'm able to complete the partition step, and then LILO is the only option, but it isn't able to recognize /dev/md0 (or /dev/md/0) as a valid disk or partition.

Currently, what I have to do in order to get either grub or LILO to play with this setup is to create an un-RAIDed /boot partition on one of the disks and then create an unused partition opposite that on the other disk. Then I set up the LVM on RAID on the rest of the space on each disk.

The reason the former scenario would be ideal is that I'd like to be able to boot from either disk in case one fails. With the workaround I'm using now, only one disk has a bootable /boot partition.

Is there any way to achieve what I want to do (preferably from the installer), namely to have both disks have a bootable partition as well as running LVM on RAID1 for the rest of the system?

I'm currently using the unofficial sarge amd64 netinst image to install.

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