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vbetool on AMD64

I am trying to resume an AMD64 laptop from Suspend to RAM, and the laptop 
seems to wake up fine (I can type commands and they get executed), but the 
LCD stays black. So I read about the various options to reinitialize the VGA, 
which were:
1. kernel boot options: acpi=s3_sleep, acpi=s3_mode, pci=routeirq. I tried 
each one of them, LCD still stays black.
2. Using the vbetool to save/restore the state of the VGA.

Here is the problem: I didn't find vbetool in the AMD64 repositories, so I 
forced the i386 package into installation (I met its dependencies by 
installing some ia32-libs-stuff and copying the rest over from my chroot 
into /emul/ia32-linux/). It does run, and the "vgastate off" option does 
disable the LCD. But saving and restoring the state, I get the following 

# vbetool vbestate save > /tmp/save
Can't get video state buffer size (vm86 failure)
Get video state buffer size failed
Can't save video state (vm86 failure)
Save video state failed

So I guess, there is some reason, that this program does not work on 64bit 
machines. Is there a workaround or any other idea, how I can get my display 
back alive?


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