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Re: nvidia (graphics) driver pain

Dean Hamstead (dean@bong.com.au) wrote:
> >I'm not sure I understand.  The kernel itself must be patched
> >for the driver to work?  This is not mentioned in the README
> >files.
> no the /usr/src/nvidia-kernel-source.tar.gz
> untargz it, then apply the patches, retar then run module assistant
> PLEASE NOT THIS ISNT IN THE NVIDIA README. and rdonald hasnt included
> the patches. however, to get support from nvidia, they will want you
> to apply the 5 or so patches listed for the 1.0-7676. those patches
> are *normally* applied but grabbing the fedora-centric nvidia installer
> then telling it to decompress, patching the source, then running the
> installer.
> however
> because we are debian. you just install all the rest, go
> patch the kernel module source, retar it up to fool module-assistant
> then build the kernel module (with our good friend module-assistant)
> and viola. done.
> built the debian way and with nvidias latest patches.
> ive begged rdonald to add the patches to the 1.0-7676 source
> (1.0-7676-2 or something) but no response.
> anyway

I never patched the 7676 driver, I have installed it the Debian way, I
have both Debian kernels and self-built kernels. I have a 7800GT.
I have never ever had any problems with the nvidia driver.
_BUT_ I have never ever touched the nvidia-installer since my last fresh
Many people try it the Nvidia way before the Debian way - I believe therein lays many problems.

Just my little rant about NVidia believing that every Linux-system are
either based on SuSE or RedHat - which of course is so utterly wrong.

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