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Re: nvidia (graphics) driver pain

> I have been trough all -rc candidates of 2.6.14 and all stock kernels
> from 2.6.12 with 7676 driver.
> Using only m-a a-i nvidia each time I upgraded the kernel.

I've just tried that; it's a bit less comfortable for me because
(as I indicated earlier) module-assistant doesn't seem to care
about EXTRAVERSION and APPEND_TO_VERSION, so that it auto-installs
the module in the *wrong* directory.  So that it must be moved to
the correct place afterwards.

Anyway, whatever, when loaded, and after "startx", my monitor
says "No signal"...

> I think you should be a bit more spesific when yelling about problems
> with the nvidia-driver.

I didn't see anybody yelling.
> The only problem I ever had, was when I (stupid me) tried to do a
> install with the package from nvidia. It took me ages to clean up the
> mess...

I didn't try that yet, as reading the ML, warned me about it.

> So now I'm happy using the nice tool module-assistant, a great big
> thanks and a hearty applause to those who write this excellent tool.
> So please do the nvidia install the Debian way.
> Not all linux-systems are SuSE og RedHat, as nvidia seems to believe.

I've been led to believe that "make-kpkg" was the debian way.
It has certainly been around longer than "m-a". There must be more
than one way to do it ;-)

Anyway, if you are willing to help solve my problem, please tell
me what more specific information you need.

Best regards,

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