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Re: nvidia (graphics) driver pain

I have been trough all -rc candidates of 2.6.14 and all stock kernels
from 2.6.12 with 7676 driver.

Using only m-a a-i nvidia each time I upgraded the kernel.

I think you should be a bit more spesific when yelling about problems
with the nvidia-driver.

The only problem I ever had, was when I (stupid me) tried to do a
install with the package from nvidia. It took me ages to clean up the

So now I'm happy using the nice tool module-assistant, a great big
thanks and a hearty applause to those who write this excellent tool.

So please do the nvidia install the Debian way.
Not all linux-systems are SuSE og RedHat, as nvidia seems to believe.

A E Lawrence (A.E.Lawrence@lboro.ac.uk) wrote:
> Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> >On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 03:07:13PM +0100, Hans wrote:
> >>No, this is only necessary, if you want to use 32-bit programs in 64-bit environment (I use this i.e. for X-Plane 
> >>(this is a flight simulator)).
> >>BTW: In Kernel 2.6.14, the kernel-module can be built, but not loaded, due to an obsolete parameter in the sources ! 
> >>I recommend to use 2.6.12, this work fine. But use 7174, 7176 and higher will not work (so it is for me).
> 7174 works with amd64 on 2.6.14 (stock kernel, package from nvidia, not debian packaged).
> ael
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