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Re: nvidia (graphics) driver pain

Am Donnerstag, 3. November 2005 15:11 schrieb Gilles:
> > I had a similar problem. Please remember, that nvidia-kernel and
> > nvidai-glx must be the same version.
> Both are from version 1.0.7676-1.  So that's not the problem...
> But I didn't install "nvidia-glx-ia32".  Is it necessary?
> Gilles
No, this is only necessary, if you want to use 32-bit programs in 64-bit 
environment (I use this i.e. for X-Plane (this is a flight simulator)).

BTW: In Kernel 2.6.14, the kernel-module can be built, but not loaded, due to 
an obsolete parameter in the sources ! I recommend to use 2.6.12, this work 
fine. But use 7174, 7176 and higher will not work (so it is for me).

May this help ????



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