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Re: tcmplex

On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 05:57:43PM -0600, William Brown wrote:
> Thanks alot for posting that link.   I found the other link 404 as you 
> mention, for about a week before I gave up on it.  Personally, I've been 
> able to burn a decent dvd with ffmpeg, dvdauthor, and growisofs, but I'm 
> really interested to see if this tcmplex will mplex the video and audio 
> back together in sync...

I've started to burn recorded F1 races to DVD because the disk of my 
Dreambox (a satellite receiver) was getting full. It saves the 
recordings as TS files. With ProjectX I can demux it (didn't know what 
that was since last week ;)) and cut commercials. After that the audio 
and video must be merged again into one mpg. Then I use dvdauthor to 
create a DVD layout and growisofs to burn the DVD. There is a nice HOWTO 

> Thanks again; I thought the old tcmplex was gone forever...

Happy to help.

Frank Hart

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