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Re: tcmplex

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 03:23:55PM -0600, William Brown wrote:
> I think I finally have some good parameters to the transcode utility to 
> create some good DVD mpeg2 format videos.
> However, once I use transcode to transcode and split into video/audio 
> files, I need to re-merge them back into one file.
> What I'm looking for is tcmplex.  What I've found on the net with google 
> tells me that this is the tool I need to merge my audio and video back 
> into one file before burning it to disc with growisofs.
> I see that marillat debian sources are back up, at ftp.nerim.net, but I 
> took alook there and don't see any tcmplex package or source, nor do I 
> see it as a part of the transcode source archive.
> avimerge is there, but I need something to merge my mpeg output, not my 
> avi files.
> As well, I tried searching debian archives sarge, sid, marillat, and 
> found nothing for tcmplex, or even mplex.
> Can anyone tell me where I can find tcmplex, or mplex for sid, in 
> sourced or precompiled binary?

transcode package from marillat appears to include /usr/bin/tcmplex so
you should already have it if you have transcode.

Len Sorensen

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