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qmail grrrrrrrrrrr

Hi everybody,
I've had plenty of problems while installing my qmail+vpopmail server
in athlon64, mostly because the only way i manage to install nice is
via apt-get install qmail-src (not available in amd64). It was
important to me to get it working so yesterday when i got my athlon64
it was the first thing i got into just right after installation. After
trying installing it djb-way i surrendered when i couldnt get vpopmail
to compile and made the install in a 32bit chroot. Then I spent a long
time to see how i could make a init script that started my
qmail+vpopmail in the chroot. i made it. after that i started reading
doc about amd64 and debian, so i found that stuff about the chroot,
dchroot, the do_chroot script and so. And trying it I fucked up the
/home partition in the chroot, so my vpopmail crashed and everything
got bad.
Has any of you managed to install qmail+vpopmail in 64bits? If someone
has and can please tell me how you compiled vpopmail.

thanks in advance


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