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Re: Installing amd64 on Adaptec 2015S (SmartRAID V) with dpt_i2o

On Fri, Sep 02, 2005 at 11:56:54AM -0700, Neil Gunton wrote:
> Thanks Kevin, I had not seriously considered this option yet, in part 
> because this is a tightly packed 1U case, with no space for an IDE drive 
> inside. So I guess I could try an external USB drive enclosure - would that 
> work? Is USB generally well supported for installing and booting up off of 
> these days?

No it isn't.  It seems no one has even quite agreed what the boot
protocol should be for usb drives, since there seems to be no standard
for doing bios disk calls for usb drives.

> Actually, I think I may have a 2.5" external drive enclosure sitting around 
> in one of my drawers, with a 20GB hard drive from my old laptop. If I 
> remember correctly, it has two USB connectors, because it gets all its 
> power from USB and so needs two ports. Should that work for installing?

I doubt you would be able to boot from it after installing to it (if it
even recognizes it as a disk in the installer).

Len Sorensen

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