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Re: alsa and amd64 arch

Sythos wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 08:08:41AM +0200, Jonathan Kaye wrote:
>> I first got this system and then installed 32bit Debian). The problem is
>> specific to my separate (sitting on a different HD) 2.6.8-11-amd64-k8
>> installation. The required driver is snd_via82xx but it won't install
> Excuse me, but I don't understand, the second HD has 2.6.8-11-amd64-k8,
> but it is a amd64 fersh instalation or is a i386 installation with SID
> stock kernel named "amd64-k8"?

I don't know how I can be any clearer. The second hard disk has
2.6.8-11-amd64-k8 and only 2.6.8-11-amd64-k8 and nothing else. That's all
it has. It can be booted directly from grub (as things stand now it's the
default boot option. On my older HD I have 2.6.8-i386 (etch). It can be
booted by selecting its option from the grub menu. At this point I don't
any any chroot things.
I hope that clears things up.

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