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Re: Acer 5024WLMI and wireless

On 8/25/05, Tim T. <tim.timmerman@gmail.com> wrote:

  I recently bought an AMD64 Turion based ACER WLMi which also
features a broadcom 4318,
  which is turned on by a switch on the front of the laptop.  It looks
as though this switch needs
  some  sort of software to turn on the radio. I haven't found any
information on how make this
  work. (looks as though ndiwrapper does support the chipset
otherwise, which is somewhat

  Since I need wireless to work, I've decided to get a PCMCIA based
card for now. What would be a
  good card to get, given that I want to run an AMD64 based system ?
Which card/vendor has
  64 bit drivers ?

  (Or does anybody have any idea on how to turn on the radio ?)

Following up on my own post:
 I found this: acerhk (http://www.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~tauber/acerhk/) Unfortunately, development has stopped.  I'd be willing to take a shot at it, but there's some assembler in there,
for a 32 bit processor that I'm not familiar with... Anybody here fluent in this ?

Failing that,I stumbled across a good price on a prism54 based card, the smc2835w. Anybody got any experience with this ?


  Thanks in advance for any help,


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