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Re: powernow-k8 woes -- need help diagnosing intermittent failure

Hi John,
 so far so good, 86 transitions total among which 43 were from 1001MHz
to 1802MHz.

No sign of error and  it still switches fine.

> The python2.4 package seems to work well for the testing because it
> causes several transistions per build.

okay, i'll try with that one for at least 6 hours.
> By the way, what kernel version do you use?  Is it stock or Debian?

i'm using Debian's 2.6.12-1-amd64-k8. 

XBGM# (http://xbgm.sf.net)
MoviXMaker-2 (http://sv.gnu.org/projects/movixmaker)
[e]MoviX[2] (http://movix.sf.net)
Debian GNU/Linux (http://www.debian.org)

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