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Re: powernow-k8 woes -- need help diagnosing intermittent failure

Pascal Giard wrote:
> Ok, i've created a cron job that builds emovix every  30mins.
> I've tested that it provokes a switch from 1.001GHz 1.1V to 1.8GHz 1.5V.
> So far, 10 switches have occured, still no problem.
> I'll let it go at least a day and come back to you.

The python2.4 package seems to work well for the testing because it
causes several transistions per build.

> PS: Does the machine freeze upon failure? i don't have physical access
> to the box until  i go back to montreal (on the 10th).

In my case the system doesn't freeze, but only gets stuck in one of the
two states (usually the faster one).

By the way, what kernel version do you use?  Is it stock or Debian?

--Thanks again, John

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