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Re: RAID controllers

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Lennart Sorensen a écrit :
> On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 05:23:05PM +0200, Jerome Warnier wrote:
>>Anybody here has an experience with Sil3114 or Areca RAID SATA
>>I'm wondering which one is best on AMD64, or if I stick with a 3Ware
>>Escalade 8600 instead.
>>I'm planning to use Debian Sarge, of course.
> I haven't used any of them, but from what I have read, the 3ware drivers
> are very mature and have been around for a while.  The Areca drivers I
> suspect you have to compile and install yourself (making installing
> somewhat more difficult on one).  The few benchmarks I have seen
> indicate the 3ware is easily the fastest of them.
well my experience with 3ware 8xxx tells the exact contrary,
their RAID5 sucks as hell. With 2 of these cards with many new Maxtor
drives, I was changing a hard drive every week !
I won't tell you how many times it totally broke after a hard drive
failure. It never was able to reconstruct a working array after a failure.
Even 3ware developers were unable to help me , though we had long mails
for testing stuff.
I also stopped counting _hard_ freeze crash after the 2nd week
(especially on amd64...).

since, I switched to linux software raid5 and raid6 over Sil3114
chipsets and 3ware cards recycled in JBOD mode (passthrough mode), I
have changed two disks in 6 months and it went smoothly.

> The Sil3114 is of course NOT a hardware raid controller.  It is
> proprietary software raid, and really not recomended in general.  dmraid
> is not well supported yet, which is what you would need to use that
> stuff.
their own raid is probably not recommended,
linux software raid works like a charm over it. (using raid6 and 5 at work).

my (own and personal) conclusion is that 3ware's cards (and probably no
single hard raid card) beats linux software implementation both in
stability and performance.

just my 2c.


> Len Sorensen

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