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Re: Perfomance problems with NVidia

> No problems. Something that came to mind that may affect your results
> are background programs, and your desktop environment. Do you have any
> CPU or graphically intensive applications running ? eg on my system when
> running the distributed.net client at lowest priority, glxgears only
> gives me 198FPS (32bit desktop), stopping it and I shoot up to 2300FPS
> (32bit desktop). Other things that that give me a performance hit
> include running java, and receiving email when benchmarking
> (spamassassin is a cpu hog).

Thanks Jamie for your detailed reply. The only thing I have changed is
that I switched from Debian-sid's XFree86 to Ubuntu's X.org. In order
to enable shadows/translucency I also had to exchange KDE 3.4 from
Debian to Ubuntu because of the required composite manager which (as
far as I understand) is part of kwin (in Ubuntu, but not yet in the
Debian kwin package). Unfortunately, I can't easily switch back to
give it another try because after a re-install of the whole system I
did not install XFree86 at all anymore. However, like you recommended,
I will check later today if there is something else running in the
background which I am not aware of right now.

Best regards / Mit den besten Grüssen
Sven Krahn

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