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Re: security packages on amd 64

Nicholas P. Mueller wrote:
> Hello, new to Debian, AMD64,
> from some searching I found a message in the list that said security 
> updates for the amd64 port would be released after the release of Sarge:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2005/05/msg00860.html
> Does anyone out there know the timeline for these updates to become 
> available via security.debian.org?  When I put security.debian.org  into
> my sources list for apt-get, it bails.  When I looked into the  file

indeed, I don't know the timeline, however in the meantime couldn't
(unofficial) security updates being built from sources in s.d.o and put
somewhere on amd64.debian.net and thus distributed to mirrors?


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