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Re: W-Lan - which to buy???

Alexander Voss <vossa@uni-bonn.de> writes:

> Hi list,
> two month ago I bought a new notebook and installed Debian unstable AMD-64
> on it. Everything is working fine.
> But... I would like to use wlan. I already had a Lancom Card with Prism
> Javelin/Xbow chip (not supported) and 32 bit Windows drivers (won't work
> with ndiswrapper).
> My only sollution so far is to buy a new wlan-card.
> But before I do this I wanted to ask if anyone has a 64bit system with
> working wlan and can recommend a card.
> Thanks,
> Alexander

Get the shop to write "Supported under Linux" on the bill so you can
give it back without hassle if it doesn't. Vendors often change the
chips used and break support without altering the product description
and sometimes even without altering the PCI IDs.


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