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Re: Official ATI Driver : problem build fglrx module

On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 04:02:19PM +0200, GOMBAS Gabor wrote:
> It works for me using Flavio Stanchina's packaging. For 2.6.12 you have
> to edit the kernel module source and replace the dev->slot_name
> references with pci_name(dev) and you also have to fix the
> inter_module_get() thing (I just commented it out as it is not needed on
> my setup).

Well I am sure my boss would love if I could make the ati driver work on
his Dell X610 which has some quite new ATI chip.  I even told him to
avoid the ones with an ATI chip in it.

> NVidia and Vmware also have regular problems with new kernels when the
> internal interfaces change.

That is certainly true, and is true of all binary only drivers (and
actually any driver not natively included with the kernel).

> Actually I heard that the _design_ of the ATI driver is much better than
> NVidia because they try to use some of the existing kernel
> infrastructure instead of reinventing it completely. Of course the
> actual code may be worse.

The nvidia driver is WAY too big. :)  My experience over the years with
ATI is that I love the hardware in general, and I hate their driver
bugs.  Maybe some day I can have a bug free ATI driver, but it's not
looking too promising.  One without any major bugs would be nice as a
start, but I am not holding my breath.  Only major bug I have seen/heard
of so far with nvidia had to do with xvideo on multihead setups, and
well I don't have a multihead setup.

Len Sorensen

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