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Re: multiarch/bi-arch status (ETA) question

David Wood <obsidian@panix.com> writes:

> On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> Hmm, I use Acrobat Reader, Mplayer and a bit of Wine on my
>> pure64. What problems do you have?
> The only important thing that distinguishes mplayer from all the other
> video players is its ability to use win32 codecs, and thus be actually
> useful in the real world. Does not work in pure64, except in
> chroot. I'm not even saying multiarch would help solve this problem (I
> don't know), just commenting generally.
> Wine: interesting. I'll (optimistically) take another look.

Mplayer can play all the common files in 64bit directly except the mov
files of current movie trailers. Anything else mplayer needs w32codecs
for are rather uncommon in my experience.

But if you do need w32codecs then just stick with a 32bit
mplayer. With multiarch that will be just "apt-get install mplayer-686
w32codecs". Till then it means a chroot or some manual fiddling.

Also, at some point, windows will release w64codecs and someone will
add support for it to mplayer.


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