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Re: multiarch/bi-arch status (ETA) question

On Tue, 5 Jul 2005, Hugo Mills wrote:

I guess I can only ask... what... on... earth... was the problem?

  See below...

Actually, I don't see where you've said what was objectionable about multiarch.

  Well, let's say you want to install a 32-bit xine. That's written
in C, so you have to have a 32-bit glibc. So, you use dpkg to install
the 32-bit version of glibc2. But... you can't, because you already
*have* a package called glibc2 installed, which is the 64-bit version.

No, you misunderstand. I don't expect that to work. It's obvious that if you just made the directory structure switch you still have a long way to go before you can install two different glibc packages. I'm just saying, why not make the directory structure switch and then _start_ doing the work of adding support to the package system/packages. Then, as I said:

"At some point the infrastructure work is done and a big enough subset of packages are ready, and you can switch. But in the meantime, why not start? At least make a decision, move the directories..."

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