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Re: multiarch/bi-arch status (ETA) question

On Tue, 5 Jul 2005, Hugo Mills wrote:

  It caused considerable controversy when it was first suggested, and
continued to do so for some time. I suspect that the only reason it
isn't causing much controversy at the moment is because very few
people are doing anything on it right now, so it's not being noticed

I guess I can only ask... what... on... earth... was the problem?

It looks like an extremely small, well-calibrated change to me. Hold that thought, I know what you're thinking...

  It's quite a lot more complicated than that. You need explicit
support in dpkg, for a start. And in dselect, apt, and all apt's
friends. I had a go at doing the dpkg support last year, and it
defeated me(*). It is very much non-trivial...

Why? If I read this correctly...


All the directories that get moved are symlinked from their original locations. All you have to do is make the move, and then the apps; dpkg, apt, etc all catch up _later_. That's all I'm suggesting. At some point the infrastructure work is done and a big enough subset of packages are ready, and you can switch. But in the meantime, why not start? At least make a decision, move the directories...

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