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Lots of upgrades in debian/amd64 "stable"/sarge

Hi all,

though debian/amd64 sarge is meant to be 'stable' by now, I get a lot of 
updates for my mail server today (dist-upgrade):

56 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

All 57 files are loaded from the sarge tree.

My last dist-upgrade was just last week, so I'm wondering how "stable" the 
archive is today. I feel a little inconvenient with recurring updates to this 
production system though most of the time I don't run into problems with 
them. I wouldn't guess these are security updates.



here are the relevant entries in my sources.list:
deb http://amd64.debian.net/debian/ sarge main contrib non-free
deb http://amd64.debian.net/debian/ sid main contrib non-free
and /etc/apt/preferences:
Package:  *
Pin:  release a=stable
Pin-Priority:  199

Package:  *
Pin:  release a=testing
Pin-Priority:  90

Package:  *
Pin:  release a=unstable
Pin-Priority:  90

Package:  *
Pin:  release a=experimental
Pin-Priority:  9

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