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Re: Now that I have working box, any problems with LVM?

On 2005-06-19 @ 20:06:49 (week 24) Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> Apart from those hints I have only one problem with lvm on my amd64:
> Reconstructing a raid5 on lvm only does 1MB/s (instead of 50 MB/s
> vithout lvm). Usage speed doesn't suffer though, it just takes forever
> to build the first time or when replacing a disk.

Hi Goswin,

Thanks for the information.

I decided to not put / in LVM for now. Maybe I will later on, when I
have a bit more time to experiment. At the moment I am not using the
RAID facilities of the mobo, but I might so I will try to remember your
remarks on that too.



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