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Re: sk98lin doesn't work on EM64T

On Friday 17 June 2005 13:51, Sebastian Haase wrote:
> Great !
> It did not auto-detect the network card. But then I selected sk98lin from
> the list that popped up and hurray, now I'm online ! (seems the driver
> works!)
> What is Ubuntu anyway ? Sofar it looks all like normal debian ...
> Thanks,
> Sebastian
Hah, going further in the install, when it makes me to choose a kernel I'm 
pretty much back to my original choice between 2.6.8-11 kernels.  And then 
after reboot , same "device not found "!

But now I saw that Aaron's iso file/installer actually runs 2.6.8-10 !!!
That's the trick - so I copied the drivers from /lib/modules onto some other 
partition and then when I'm in the 2.6.8-11 system (without NIC) I then do a
 insmod sk98lin.ko

Now that works fine!

Thanks everybody ! And, Aaron, keep that iso file around !! (Or actually just 
the sk98lin.ko would do (223k in size))

- Sebastian


> On Friday 17 June 2005 12:03, Aaron M. Ucko wrote:
> > I have similar hardware (a 64-bit-capable P4 on an Asus motherboard
> > with a built-in Marvell NIC), and had lots of fun getting it installed
> > a couple months back; I ended up installing Ubuntu (which had no
> > problem with the card) and then using that to build a custom
> > debian-installer image (which was something of a pain, though I'm glad
> > we've at least migrated from boot-floppies!).
> >
> > Since I (being a packrat) still have the image around, I just put a
> > copy up at http://people.debian.org/~ucko/em64t-sk98lin.iso .  I get
> > an MD5 sum of 46399ad123a2cadeab088591e66de025 and an SHA1 sum of
> > 88f650e79dea228dca245aaa5e77926528d11ba1.
> >
> > Once you've installed an initial system, you should then be able to
> > install gcc 3.4 and build an appropriate custom kernel/module of your
> > own.

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