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sk98lin doesn't work on EM64T

Just got a new PC with an EM64T cpu.
The motherboard is an Intel D925XCV. It has a onboard NIC 
Gigabit Marvell Yukon 88E8036 (or 88E8050 ??)

My problem seems very similar to what
Xiaolin wrote about "sk98lin doesn't work" on   Dec 21 2004 on this list.

Doing "modprobe sk98lin" I get 
FATAL: ... No Such device.

I first tried the new sarge netinst CD with the 2.6.8-11.amd64-generic kernel
then I tried 2.6.8-11.em64t-p4.

I also got the DriverInstall script (version 8.16) from syskonnect, but the 
script complains because the kernel is compiled with gcc-3.4 while only 
gcc-3.3 in provided (I downloaded the ISO bin 1 CD also)

Did anyone get this to work ? And could I maybe just download a working binary 
module from somewhere (otherwise I would have to always burn CDs, since the  
computer obviously can't download anything :-(  )

Sebastian Haase

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