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Re: gcc version issue trying to install vmware5

On Thu, Jun 16, 2005 at 01:10:08PM +0200, Ernest jw ter Kuile wrote:
> that doesn't help.
> The Makefile that comes with the kernel.org source clobbers any existing CC 
> and HOSTCC.
> I don't think Debian has changed that behavior.

The kernel makefile does the same as all other makefiles and works fine.
It does NOT use the env, since make generally doesn't.  it does work
this way though:

make HOSTCC=gcc-3.4 CC=gcc-3.4 menuconfig

Add V=1 if you want to see what commands it is running.

That is the _correct_ way to pass parameters to make and also how
make-kpkg does it (through the variable MAKEFLAGS it uses for exactly that

Len Sorensen

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