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Re: x.org binaries for amd64

On 6/13/05, Christian Schaefer <chris@9rings.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> could anyone please give me a working sources.list line to get 
> x.org-binaries for amd64?

You may also use the Ubuntu repository. Add 'deb
http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hoary main restricted universe
multiverse' to your sources.list and run 'apt-get install kwin' which
should install x.org and kde 3.4 with all their dpendencies. Uncomment
you sources.list entry again afterwards.

Works since a few weeks for me. 

I assume that as soon as Debian catches up with the versions again
(i.e. the X and KDE packages in the Debian repositories having higher
version/release numbers at some point in the future) everything will
'switch back' more or less automatically.

Best regards / Mit den besten Grüssen
Sven Krahn

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