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Installer dies during local network installation


I try to install amd64-sid on my brand new Tyan K8E (S2865). Nforce4 chipset 
wih 2Gb LAN-Adaptors, one Broadcom BMC5721 GbE, one Marvell 88E1111-CAA.

I went on with the "expert" option. The installation process proceed until the 
network is alredy configured and the installer ask for confirmation for eth0 
configuration. After confirming, installer dies. No response from system.

I tried out:

Next step was to add a standard 3com NIC (3c95x) and only use these module. No 
chance. Same behavior!

Last step was to try the i386-sarge installer 
Everything fine! Working great. BUT it's an AMD64 and I want to have that!

Any help?

Andreas Klein

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