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Re: Successful install, but no boot

On 2005-06-14 @ 17:52:25 (week 24) Nathan Dragun wrote:

> I have this problem as well every time I update grub, it tells me the 
> boot disks are located at (2,0) but they're really located at (0,0).  I 
> was able to solve this by manually editing this through the grub boot 
> menu and then saving the changes.  Of course I need to do this every 
> time I update grub, but it works.

Someone else suggested something like this as well. But I've already
tried editing the device map to no avail. 

It is getting late here, so I am going to bed. Maybe tomorrow someone
(possibly even me) comes up with the winning idea. If not I'll bring
back the box to the vendor. I've never given up before when it comes to
getting a computer to work, but at the moment I really can't afford to
invest this much time (three days now) in getting a system to work, no
matter how nice it is. Too bad, I really liked the fact that it was
almost completely quiet.

Grx HdV

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