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Successful install, but no boot


Yesterday I used the latest netinstall iso to install sarge on a new
system. The installation itself seemed to go smoothly, but when the
moment came to reboot nothing happened. The system did reboot but it
didn't find a boot device on hd0. It just hangs and asks "Reboot and
Select propper Boot device or Insert  Boot Media in selected Boot device
and press key". I suspected something went wrong when writing the MBR to
the disk (the primary master hda), so I tried to install again. Alas,
that gave no improvement. The sytem doesn't report any errors, it just
sits there and waits (obviously, since it can't find a bootable

Anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed?

System specs:
MoBo: ASUS A8V Deluxe
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+
HDD: 2x SAMSUNG SP1614N (160GB)

Any help would be appreciated very much!

Grx HdV

P.S. Just to exclude the possibility of write errors I did check the MD5
checksum on the ISO, but it was OK.

P.P.S. Using an Ubuntu Live disk I found that a seemingly complete
install was put on the harddisk. So most probably it is just a MBR

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