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Re: Successful install, but no boot

On 2005-06-14 @ 17:34:28 (week 24) Markus Brinkmann wrote:

> http://www.kanotix.org
> is an debian based Live-CD with Grub Bootmanager and is avaliable as an
> i386 and amd64 - Version

I just burned a Kanotix-64 Live CD and used it to mount /dev/hda1. I was
able to run grub-install /dev/hda without any errors, but it didn't
solve the problem. The system still won't recognize the harddisk as a
boot device.

I am getting all out of ideas here. I am beginning to suspect there is a
hardware problem somewhere in this story, but I haven't found it yet.

Grx HdV

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