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Re: Successful install, but no boot

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 02:47:16PM +0000, J.A. de Vries wrote:
> The Sarge netinstall used grub, so no lilo on this system. That said, I
> too have the feeling the problem is in the MBR, but I am not really sure
> how to generate a new one. I've only had 32-bit systems before and am
> not really sure whether I can use a rescue disk from my old system to
> generate a new MBR on this system.

Grub is better too. :)

> I understand that would generate a new MBR in the first partition.
> During installation I opted to write the MBR to the disk in /dev/hda.
> Sadly neither grub nor lilo are to be found on the Live CD I am using
> here (as root "whereis lilo" or "whereis grub" gave me nothing).

Doesn't the install cd have a rescue mode anymore?  I know they did in
the past but I haven't used it in a long time.

> It seems I'll have to create a rescue disk with grub on it first. That
> in itself isn't a problem, but I am wondering if I can do that on my
> other working but non 64-bit system. Ah, what the heck I'll just try.
> Coasters are cheap... }:-)
> Thanks for trying to help.

Make sure the BIOS doesn't have the useless feature 'boot virus
protection' enabled, since that will prevent updating the boot sector.

Len Sorensen

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