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Re: Successful install, but no boot

On 2005-06-14 @ 09:10:01 (week 24) Lennart Sorensen wrote:

> I installed on an A8V Deluxe system a few weeks ago, although with a
> pair of 250G WD SATA drives.  It went completely smoothly, once I
> fixed my mistake of having only the cd as a boot device in the bios.  I
> think I reinstalled 3 times before I realized that I had hit the wrong
> key and deleted the hd from the boot device list rather than move it
> below the cdrom.
> So check your bios for the boot order and make sure the HD is listed
> there.

Hi Lennert,

It is. Already did check that before bothering the list.

Thanks for trying.

Grx HdV

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