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Re: Successful install, but no boot

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 10:51:06AM +0000, J.A. de Vries wrote:
> Yesterday I used the latest netinstall iso to install sarge on a new
> system. The installation itself seemed to go smoothly, but when the
> moment came to reboot nothing happened. The system did reboot but it
> didn't find a boot device on hd0. It just hangs and asks "Reboot and
> Select propper Boot device or Insert  Boot Media in selected Boot device
> and press key". I suspected something went wrong when writing the MBR to
> the disk (the primary master hda), so I tried to install again. Alas,
> that gave no improvement. The sytem doesn't report any errors, it just
> sits there and waits (obviously, since it can't find a bootable
> device...)
> Anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed?
> System specs:
> MoBo: ASUS A8V Deluxe
> CPU: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+
> RAM: 2GB
> HDD: 2x SAMSUNG SP1614N (160GB)
> Any help would be appreciated very much!
> Grx HdV
> P.S. Just to exclude the possibility of write errors I did check the MD5
> checksum on the ISO, but it was OK.
> P.P.S. Using an Ubuntu Live disk I found that a seemingly complete
> install was put on the harddisk. So most probably it is just a MBR
> problem...

I installed on an A8V Deluxe system a few weeks ago, although with a
pair of 250G WD SATA drives.  It went completely smoothly, once I
fixed my mistake of having only the cd as a boot device in the bios.  I
think I reinstalled 3 times before I realized that I had hit the wrong
key and deleted the hd from the boot device list rather than move it
below the cdrom.

So check your bios for the boot order and make sure the HD is listed

Len Sorensen

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