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Re: Are there jigdo-images for sarge amd64?

Linux-Versand <linux-versand@web.de> writes:

> Hi,
> are there CD or DVD images available yet. If not, when are they expected to be available.
> Josef G.
> PS: Thanks for this "inofficial" but important sarge port.
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Officialy unofficial images will appear soon. We are laging a bit
behind to make sure we are in sync with sarge as much as possible and
are correcting last minute flaws and adding some release/install
docs. But it should be just a few more days till we declare a CD/DVD
set build as the sarge amd64 release.

So if you are looking to master CD/DVDs for sale please wait a bit


PS: Would you prefer a dual layer dvd iso instead of 2 single layer
images? Last I checked amd64 would fit on one.

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