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Re: Pine

Adam Stiles wrote:
> Ah, Pine.  The one where the source is too open for its own good.


> And I don't see why there can't be a .deb package which contains the
> source code and patches, depends on the compiler and toolchain

There is.  But it is in the non-free section due to the license
problems.  You need "non-free" in your /etc/apt/sources.list file and
then you will have it.

  sudo apt-get build-dep pine
  fakeroot apt-get source -b pine
  sudo dpkg --install ./pine_*.deb 

Personally, I recommend using 'mutt' instead.  It has a free license.
It operates similarly to pine in that if you like pine it is probably
that you would also like mutt.  It is a good mailer.

> .. the Pine source package {which obviously is good for all
> architectures}

Actually, last time I compiled pine it looked to have 64-bit type
safety issues.  I don't know how well it has been ported to 64-bit
systems.  (Another point for using a different mailer such as 'mutt'.)


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