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Re: Pine

On Thursday 09 June 2005 00:33, Jose Luis Iguain wrote:
> Could anybody tell me how to install Pine on a AMD64 platform?
> Many thanks,
> JL

Ah, Pine.  The one where the source is too open for its own good.

The Pine licence insists for you to distribute modified versions in source 
code form only, which I personally don't have a problem with.  And I don't 
see why there can't be a .deb package which contains the source code and 
patches, depends on the compiler and toolchain  {who doesn't have the 
compiler on their system anyway?  I mean this is Debian, right?  We are 
hardcore!},  and the installation script actually performs the compilation a 
la G***oo.  For most users, it would look and work just like a binary package 
installation; though perhaps a little slower.

Anyway, you just need to download the Pine source package {which obviously is 
good for all architectures}  from your favourite non-free mirror; then use 
dpkg to build it.


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