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Re: Debian AMD64 Sarge released

Sven wrote:
>Lucio Pileggi wrote on 09/06/2005 16:26:
>> Joerg Jaspert ha scritto:
>>>CD and DVD images will be made available on cdimage.debian.org, try
>>>http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/sarge-amd64/ as soon as the
>>>images are built, which should be today or tomorrow.
>> In that directory I found iso, jigdo and bittorrent files of the arm 
>> port of debian sarge.
>> You'll better wipe out those files.
>True, I first thought it might have been a misnaming of the jigdo files,
>but those jigdo's really _do_ build ARM installation images.

Oops. Gone now.

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