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Re: [SOLVED] apt problem - unupgradeable packages?

Dne st 8. června 2005 23:06 Kurt Roeckx napsal(a):
> On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 08:13:21PM +0200, Miroslav Maiksnar wrote:
> > [ . . . ]
> > It is bit funny, because no matter how many times I try to upgrade them
> > (to same version as they are now), apt wants to upgrade them. It is quite
> > annoying, because apticron keeps spamming me with pending upgrades ;o(
> Remove those binaries from your /var/cache/apt/archives/.  Either
> remove it manaully, or do something like apt-get clean.
> The problem is that from the move from the old to the new
> archive, they got a new md5sum, because they're now the same as
> on debian.  And apt doesn't download them again, but does say
> that it needs to be reinstalled.

Thanks a lot, apt-get clean && apt-get upgrade does the job.


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