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Re: Strange KDE Problem

2005 m. Birželio 8 d., Trečiadienis 17:33, Graham Smith rašė:
> I have recently started experiencing a strange problem with KDE whereby
> for some unknown reason it switches to Gnome (while I'm logged in - I
> didn't think that was possible). The most obvious sign that this has
> happened is the background picture set under KDE disappears and the
> right click on the desktop is ignored (no menu pops up). I get no
> messages in /var/log/syslog when it happens.
gnome-settings-daemon, nautilus (do not ever run nautilus under KDE) and other 
similar core gnome programs seem to be taking over your desktop. Kill them 
and it should be fine. A general rule is to avoid all GNOME programs which 
are very tightly integrated into the GNOME desktop.

> I'm running the pure64 port of sid with KDE 3.3.2. I think, but I can't
> confirm this because it doesn't happen every time, that it has something
> to do with Open Office or the chroot it is running in. I say this
> because the problem seems to occur after I start Open Office (it might
> just be the screen saver though but it seems more common with OO).
Do you have openoffice.org-gtk-gnome installed? If so, try removing it.

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